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Friday, September 22, 2006

Devilled Cardinal Eggs Podcast - Episode 2

devilled cardinal eggs podcast episode 2

Much thanks go to Isaac Rentz for the theme music. This week Big Joey T and I tackle the tough issue of the Cardinals' first loss. Sad times ahead. But there is a bright side. The Sun Devils are 3-0 and are heading into a massive game saturday against the Cal Golden Bears. Tune in to hear what we have to say.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Beyond Control

Due to circumstances beyond my control, the podcast for this week has been pushed back to Thursday. Sorry for the delay folks.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Top 5 Reasons Why You Want To Listen To The Podcast

Reason #5

We promise to do everything we can to interview the newest, Cardinal mascot Paris Hilton.

Reason #4

This podcast will fill your Affirmative Action quota (one of the main contributors is Puerto Rican, hence, Affirmative Action)

Reason #3

It will be free and plus all the proceeds will go to the charity of my choice.

Reason #2

You will be hit with opinions that are 100% non-biased, totally unpartial, and not at all favoring the Cardinals or their cause, from everyday schmoes like yourself.

Reason #1

It is the Official Unofficial Totally Legit Non-sancitoned Non-authorized yet Ridiculously Awesome Podcast of Arizona's favorite Redheaded Stepchild turned Prom Queen known as the Arizona Cardinals

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Devilled Cardinal Eggs Podcast - Episode 1

Here it is everyone. Finally. The first episode. Enjoy.

Devilled Cardinal Eggs Podcast Episode 1

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Pistol Whipped

This weekend marks the triumphant return of ASU's high powered offense. After coming off to a slow start last week against the NAU Lumberjacks, the Sun Devils finally got into a groove by scoring a whopping 52 points against the Nevada Wolfpack. Rudy Carpenter put on a clinic by tossing up 333 yards and five touchdowns. That's right, five freakin TDs. He bested his personal best of four set against Rutgers last season in the Insight Bowl. Another accomplishment of note was that of tight end Zach Miller. He broke the career TD mark of all former Sun Devil tight ends. If he isn't a first day pick when he decides to enter the draft, then there is something fundamentally wrong with this crazy world of football. Not only was our offense in high gear but our defense was pretty solid as well. Ryan McFoy returned an interception for a touchdown and had a key sack late in the game. Well, by key sack late in the game, I mean an awesome sack that solidified how much the Sun Devils were spanking the Wolfpack. Their "Pistol" offense, a cheesy marketing term for an offset shotgun formation, was no match for our vaunted Pac-10 D. Unfortunately, Rudy Burgess left the game pretty early with what is reported as a slight concussion. He was on a roll too. Two early catches for 41 yards indicates the potential for a strong performance. Maybe he'll start off just as strong in Boulder next week.

What is the deal with Terry Richardson? Dude has two catches all season. He's supposed to be the guy to replace Derek Hagan. But when I see Nate Kimbrough and MIKE JONES, doing a better job than you, it makes me wonder where your head's at. Where are you T Rich? Get in the game and catch some passes. If you decide to show up next week, then please forward any thank you cards to Big Joey T and Rob at the Devilled Cardinal Eggs. We believe in giving credit where credit is due.

To finish off this post we give you the player of the game. Grant Crunkleton intercepting a pass in the fourth quarter. With a name like Crunkleton, you automatically get points. When you have an interception in the second game of your freshman year and have an awesome name, that equals player of the game. Lil' Jon couldn't have come up with a better name than Grant Crunkleton. Congratulations kid.

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Sunday, September 10, 2006


Can you feel it? I know that I can. Water is tasting sweeter; air is passing through my lungs with smoother intake; the wonderful smell of fresh cut grass (or fresh rolled astro turf) ... praise God its football season. Things just seem normal now. During non-football season, I can never feel like things are right. But as usual, that beautiful, oblong, pigskin is here to save the day!!! This year will be full of surprises, over-hyped cliche's, too much T.O. and all the normal winter atmosphere. Get locked and loaded boys, it's officially on!!!

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Endless Potential

The quarterback situation has gone awry at ASU. Rumors are flying everywhere that I can't even seem to sift through it all. In a bizarre turn of events, Coack Koetter (Or Coach K part deux as I like to call him) has apparently changed his mind. After naming Sam Keller the starting quarterback lasst friday, on sunday he announced that Rudy Carpenter was now the starting QB. The prevailing rumor is that both of these guys threatened to transfer if they didn't win out the job. Kind of gutless in my opinion, if it's true, but I would rather have three years of Carpenter than one year of Keller. Let's just hope this doesn't distract our high powered offense.

*Podcast Update*

Things are falling into place for just how great our podcast will be. We have a heck of a show planned and our first recording will take place Sunday night. In the meantime please add our feed to your podcast aggregator. I hope to get some feedback soon.

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