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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Top 5 Reasons Why You Want To Listen To The Podcast

Reason #5

We promise to do everything we can to interview the newest, Cardinal mascot Paris Hilton.

Reason #4

This podcast will fill your Affirmative Action quota (one of the main contributors is Puerto Rican, hence, Affirmative Action)

Reason #3

It will be free and plus all the proceeds will go to the charity of my choice.

Reason #2

You will be hit with opinions that are 100% non-biased, totally unpartial, and not at all favoring the Cardinals or their cause, from everyday schmoes like yourself.

Reason #1

It is the Official Unofficial Totally Legit Non-sancitoned Non-authorized yet Ridiculously Awesome Podcast of Arizona's favorite Redheaded Stepchild turned Prom Queen known as the Arizona Cardinals

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posted by Joey L. Taylor at 4:51 PM


Blogger isaac rentz said...

Hands down, my favorite Cardinals podcast so far this season.

12:21 PM


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