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Sunday, September 10, 2006


Can you feel it? I know that I can. Water is tasting sweeter; air is passing through my lungs with smoother intake; the wonderful smell of fresh cut grass (or fresh rolled astro turf) ... praise God its football season. Things just seem normal now. During non-football season, I can never feel like things are right. But as usual, that beautiful, oblong, pigskin is here to save the day!!! This year will be full of surprises, over-hyped cliche's, too much T.O. and all the normal winter atmosphere. Get locked and loaded boys, it's officially on!!!

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posted by Joey L. Taylor at 3:19 AM


Anonymous Chris Gonzalez said...

How about that! First opening day win since 1999. Could this be a 10 win year? What are your thoughts Joey?

5:03 PM

Anonymous justin cates said...

10 wins???? i dont know about that, but i see the irish playing in the new stadium come january. when can i listen. when do i get to be a guest on the show??

8:36 PM

Blogger jcates said...

the time is sweet joey t. holler at me

9:18 PM


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