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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Endless Potential

The quarterback situation has gone awry at ASU. Rumors are flying everywhere that I can't even seem to sift through it all. In a bizarre turn of events, Coack Koetter (Or Coach K part deux as I like to call him) has apparently changed his mind. After naming Sam Keller the starting quarterback lasst friday, on sunday he announced that Rudy Carpenter was now the starting QB. The prevailing rumor is that both of these guys threatened to transfer if they didn't win out the job. Kind of gutless in my opinion, if it's true, but I would rather have three years of Carpenter than one year of Keller. Let's just hope this doesn't distract our high powered offense.

*Podcast Update*

Things are falling into place for just how great our podcast will be. We have a heck of a show planned and our first recording will take place Sunday night. In the meantime please add our feed to your podcast aggregator. I hope to get some feedback soon.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Matt Leinart is officially a Cardinal. Six years. Up to $50.8 million. $14 million guaranteed. I can now wear my jersey without shame. As far as the podcast goes: A few technical difficulties have been worked out and Joe and I are now on track to get the show under way. This weekend will be our first podcast. So please subscribe now and just check back over the weekend. Please leave some feed back in the comments section of each episode. Thanks.

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Podcast Equipment Has Arrived

Sweet. Last night I got most of the podcasting equipment in. I still have to get some mic cables and pick up another mic but I plan on hitting up Guitar Center after work. Expect a podcast this weekend. Joe and I plan to discuss the Matt Leinart situation, the progress of Antrelle Rolle, along with a, hopefully, brief injury report from Cardinals Camp. A detailed show notes will be posted the same time the show is ready for download. I hope to get some feedback from all you fans. Until then.

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